First Quarter Meeting

Each year, the management staff from Richard Allen, Inc travels to our first quarter meeting.  This meeting is one that the team looks very much forward to for a few reasons.  First, it gives us a chance to see and network with the top performers in the country.  Second, the team gets recognized for another great year and third, we discuss the company goals and initiatives for the coming year.

richard allen incThis year we traveled to Dallas, TX.  The team was able to learn from the companies best.  Topics included were training, human resources, talent scouting, finances, and more!

To learn more about Richard Allen, Inc, view us on Linkedin.

Not only did the team get recognized for our growth and expansion in 2014, we learned about the industry growth goals for 2015 and client targets.

In 2015, Richard Allen, Inc. plans to double in size.  We have a huge focus on a national level to expand in to new markets to create new revenue streams for years decades to come.

Stay tuned over the next few months to learn more about the expansion, new markets, and client growth at Richard Allen, Inc.

See what we do for our clients online.

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