A Cause For Celebration: Congrats Mayada!

There are moments in business and life when you meet someone and instantly know that they’re special. Running a business who’s focus is on face to face presentations and consultations means that we meet dozens of new people a week, but the day we met Mayada was different. She radiated confidence, positivity and good energy and we knew that she would be an asset to Richard Allen Inc for many, many years to come (should she accept our offer of full time employment, haha). Luckily she did and it’s no wonder today, after only 7 months of her beginning with our company, that we’re writing about her promotion to Management and the next chapter of her professional career.

For those reading this blog that don’t know Mayada personally, she moved in October 2015 from her home country of Egypt to Long Island and instantly began looking for career opportunities that pertained to her passion for people. Studying both Communications and Political Science at the American University of Cairo, Mayada knew she would need a fast-paced, merit based environment where her advancement would be a reflection of her work ethic and not tenure. Finding Richard Allen Inc’s advertisement online, Mayada made a decision to transition from broadcasting and advertising and try her hand at marketing! From the start, we were impressed by her humility, student mentality, and desire for self-improvement.

When we asked Mayada what helped her receive such a rapid promotion in our firm’s Management Training Program, she emphasized her belief in energies and surrounding herself with great people. She raved about the team she personally oversees, for their motivation and tenacity, and believes with their help that Richard Allen Inc will expand to it’s 4th office location by the end of October 2016. We also asked her who motivates her, as every successful business executive has a role model, and she told us about her parents, their entrepreneurship and constant support, even halfway across the country.

A former ballerina, Mayada brings to our team a competitive edge, discipline and passion. If you can’t find her in the office, it’s probably because she’s enjoying the outdoors and exploring everything her new home has to offer! We’re so enthusiastic about her potential and all that she will continue to learn as a Managing Partner within our marketing firm; but mostly we’re proud about the character and integrity of this young woman. Mayada – if you’re reading this, we’re so grateful that out of any company you could have worked with, you chose us. We’re grateful for your commitment to our Richard Allen Inc team this last year and for all that is to come in our next years together. Congrats on this milestone and here’s to many, many more!