Promotions Are In The Air: Congratulations Nagui!

In the 7 years since we founded Richard Allen Inc, we have learned that there are some people who serve a purpose and some people who create purpose. When we met Nagui Semaoune a year ago, as he was going through his interview process, we instantly knew he was the latter. Radiating with confidence and charisma, he was the ideal candidate for our Management Training Program. He moved with purpose, spoke with purpose and had great confidence in what he wanted out of a career. It leaves us with no surprise that in just 9 months of starting with our firm, we’re officially announcing his promotion today to Assistant Management (INSERT LOUD CLAPPING AND CHEERING!!)

Born and raised in Toulouse, France, Nagui grew up from the age of 12 with dreams and aspirations to move to the United States after college. Doing everything possible for over a decade to prepare, he studied at the finest schools, accepted the best internships and perfected his English. Receiving his Bachelor’s from Kedge Business School in Marseille and his Master’s from the same University in Bordeaux, Nagui found he had a passion for traveling and sales after interning for a French bakery in London. Drawn to the face to face interaction with customers, he quickly learned that his love for people and communication skills (did we mention he’s trilingual?!) could be implemented into his career.

After graduating with his MBA, Nagui began looking for careers in Manhattan (his dream city) and stumbled upon the advertisement for Richard Allen Inc’s Management Training Program. Taking a HUGE leap of faith, he flew over from France for a preliminary and second interview, which he thankfully knocked out of the park (haha) and was offered a full time position. Needing sponsorship and to establish his work visa, Nagui went home for 3 months to complete paperwork and say his goodbyes; the whole time bidding when he could return to New York and start his new life!

Beginning officially in October 2015, Nagui began in an entry level position, learning marketing and sales skills essential to acquiring business class customers for our energy client! He then quickly moved into a team lead role, where he improved his business acumen in training, public speaking, interviewing and team building. He has come to coach nearly every individual at Richard Allen Inc, built great relationships and contributed a competitive edge that’s made our office improve as a whole. (Fun fact about Nagui – he LOVES soccer, grew up playing the sport and foots for both France and Real Madrid!)

When we asked Nagui what helped him achieve this promotion in such a short amount of time, he told us that he gave himself no choice but to be successful. In leaving his friends and family in France, the only option he saw was to give New York his all and fulfill the dream he had visualized for the past decade! “When you only have Plan A” Nagui says, “and you leave no back up plan for yourself when setting a goal, you give your mind no choice but to achieve it.”

He also raved about the team he has the opportunity to oversee, applauding them for their relentless work ethic and commitment to our client. He says, “it’s easy to stay motivated and love the work you do when you love the people that you do it with.” Best known as “French Fry” at Richard Allen Inc, Nagui can always be found with coworkers after work exploring the city that never sleeps and eating all sorts of ethnic foods!

To say that we’re proud of Nagui’s accomplishments would be a great understatement. We’re so enthusiastic about his potential and all that he will continue to learn as a Managing Partner within Richard Allen Inc. We predict he will continue to be a leader within our organization and that with his skillset, our company and team will prosper. Nagui – if you’re reading this buddy, we knew you were special from day 1 but want you to know you have exceeded all of our expectations. Your drive, work ethic and perseverance make us wake up everyday excited to work by your side. Keep up your great work and here’s to many more promotions in our years together!