Sippin’ for Smiles: A Richard Allen Inc Philanthropy Event

Social Corporate Responsibility. Ever heard the term before?

In essence, what it means is this. Businesses or corporations should take responsibility for their effect on the community and the environment. There is an ethical obligation to take care (with the skill-sets each business has) of those they can aid.

At Richard Allen Inc, this behavior goes without saying. Our team’s compassion and empathy for others is one of the many reasons that make our company unique. 3 years ago we made a commitment to represent an organization called Operation Smile and give back both of our time and fundraising efforts.

For those unfamiliar with Operation Smile, they’re a medical non-profit that performs oral surgeries for children born with cleft lip or palette. Though this condition is not common in America, in 3rd world countries, children can go untreated for decades. Suffering malnutrition and ostracization, their lives are forever impacted by a condition doctors could alter in less than an hour and at a cost of $240.

When we heard about Operation Smile at Richard Allen Inc, we felt a calling. We could speak on behalf of these children and change their entire life with well coordinated fundraising efforts. So we did just that! Participating in an annual “Day of Smiles” we, this year, decided to host a Sips & Smiles event at Whiskey Creek, a local Whiskey bar in White Plains, New York.

The goal was simple! Attract people to the event, speak to them about the cause, raffle off some awesome door prizes and raise a BOATLOAD of money for these kids that have our heart. We’re proud to announce that thanks to several donations from local businesses and our own Richard Allen Inc team, we raised $1000; personally changing the lives of 4 children!

In a business where we communicate for a living, it was simple to educate people on the cause and how they could change the course of someone’s entire life. What should have been difficult was getting the manpower to do the fundraising; asking people to go above their job responsibilities with no direct benefit to themselves. But when you work at Richard Allen Inc, this was the easiest part of it all!

We’d like to give a special thanks to our entire Management team for coordinating, Whiskey Creek for hosting, every team member who spent their Saturday with us Sippin’ for Smiles and every donation that brought us to $1000 raised. Here’s to changing smiles all around the world and raising another $1000 before the end of the year!