Californiaaaa, here she comesss!

The biggest question we ever receive from our clients or job candidates is “why Richard Allen Inc?” And our answer is always really simple. “You get to work with Nataly everyday!” Hahah, just kidding, though she is at the top of the list! While we tried to narrow down the benefits of working for our consulting firm into any one experience and found it impossible, we figured we’d let Nataly’s recent trip to Malibu, CA give it a fair shot!

To backtrack, 6 months ago our client decided to run a contest for all of their Human Resource Managers across the country, complete with an all expenses, 3 day weekend in Malibu, CA. From the get go, we knew that our HR Manager, Nataly, was a shoo-in to win, with her competitive nature and relentless work ethic! Racing against 400+ competitors in an 8 week contest, she (naturally) exceeded every expectation set not only by our Richard Allen Inc Management team, but also our client, and secured herself a cross country flight to Southern California. (WOW, we know…she’s kind of a rockstar!)

If there’s one thing that you’ll quickly realize about our Richard Allen Inc team, it’s that we’re relentless when it comes to our personal and professional goals. From the moment the contest was announced, Nataly was already game-planning how she was going to win it! So our Brand Manager, Christina, sat down to interview her, pick her brain on how she beasted the competition and landed herself the ultimate summer vacation!

Christina – Hello, hello Nataly? Is the mic loud enough?!

Nataly – Aren’t you just writing a blog on me? Are we really recording!?

Christina – No, not really! But you’re pretty famous now in the office and having just come back from Cali, you’re like a movie star now right?!

Nataly – …. crickets. (Thinks to herself, “I wonder how much a ticket back to Cali is right now.”)

Christina – Haha, just kidding! Okay, so really Nataly, tell us how did you win this contest and earn this unbelievable trip!

Nataly – I just envisioned the end goal, with myself boarding my flight, getting off the plane in California, enjoying a weekend with peers and mentors and when I could visualize it, I knew I could have it.

Christina – When you heard you won, what was your first reaction?!

Nataly – I may have not so silently screamed, jumped up and down and immediately made a countdown calendar so I could see how close my reward was, haha!

Christina – For the traveling Richard Allen Inc business woman, what are some essentials you like to carry?!

Nataly – A great moisturizer! Make up and beauty products are my passion and when you travel, you always want to look your best and the best way to do that is with healthy, moisturized skin! Secondly, I recommend a great camera! I’m a New Yorker so going cross country to California was so out of my norm – I wanted to photograph EVERYTHING and just soak it all in! Lastly, I recommend a mobile phone charger! With conferences and all the travel we do for work, the worst thing is when your phone dies mid-day! Always be prepared!

Christina – Describe the weekend events that were scheduled for you!

Nataly – First, after arriving, the 13 winners were placed in a Malibu mansion right across the beach, which was INSANE! After getting to know the other attendees from all across the country (even Canada) we went to a famous vineyard called Malibu Wines with our client’s CEO and President (talk about getting wined and dined)! That night we hung out in the mansion’s pool and hot tub (no big deal, haha) and then the following morning went to tour our client broker’s headquarters and meet some key people in the business! We wrapped up the trip in Santa Monica and soaked up the pier, the company and beautiful SoCal for as long as we could. As sad as I was to return to Long Island Sunday, I came back really refreshed and with dozens of new business connections and friends!

Christina – Okay Nataly, last question! If you had to pick just one thing, what was the highlight of your weekend?! 

Nataly – The best part hands down  (besides the million dollar mansion we stayed in, haha) was getting to interact with our client broker’s CEO and President and really seeing how down to earth and humble they each were. They both wanted to hear about my professional goals and what I planned to do the rest of the year in our office and that networking on a casual basis was just surreal! Just knowing overall that my work was valued, appreciated and rewarded made everything worth it!


Nataly, we’re so grateful to you for giving us the E! True Hollywood scoop on your Malibu weekend and are incredibly proud of your recent accomplishments! All the work you put in to ensure this contest win for yourself and for Richard Allen Inc is apparent and applauded. We can’t wait to see what all you accomplish with the last 5 months of the year and what other victories you bring home! Keep up the great work, stud!