Ambition At It’s Finest: Congrats, Danielle!

Ambition, much like talent and work ethic, can be fleeting. Most have it, but few exercise it. It’s a muscle, and one that must be flexed and fueled daily.

Danielle Mango, though, IS ambition. Born and raised in Yonkers, New York, she’s been a firecracker since birth! Described as a natural born communicator and a people person, Danielle grew up attending private school where she learned the values of discipline and poise. An active member in Student Council, she first began to hone her social and communication skills as a teenager, and continued onwards in leadership roles during college. After deciding to attend Iona for bio-chemistry and pursue the medical field as a doctor, Danielle quickly found her passion laid elsewhere. Her love for history, politics and helping people led to her final major and graduation with a BS in Political Science and Law. Fast-forward what felt like decades of preparing for the LSAT and cue Richard Allen Inc!

As a bartender in White Plains, several managers from Richard Allen Inc would routinely see Danielle when they would stop in for team outings after work. After deciding that her killer personality and infectious smile were qualities they wanted in the company, Long Island Manager, Chris, reached out to Danielle in interest to hire her for a Human Resources role. Much to his surprise, Danielle turned down the Human Resources position because she saw something much more suited for her ambition – Richard Allen Inc’s Management Training Program.

Starting officially in the company in February 2014, Danielle has grown leaps and bounds since her initial role in sales. Though communicating with business owners on behalf of our client came easily to her, she worked diligently on improving aspects such as interviewing and training. Despite hardships, she endured and never lost her spunk or ambition. It’s the reason she was promoted at the beginning of November to a position as a Director of Marketing.

With an offer to help our client oversee a new marketing office in Floral Park, Danielle, along with 4 other Richard Allen Inc team members have expanded South. When asked how she maintained ambition throughout the course of her Management Training, Danielle mentioned how confident she was in what was being built at Richard Allen Inc. She spoke on how she stayed motivated by seeking counsel from mentors Chris, Ben and Marianne (executives within our company), as well as reading daily on Forbes and Most importantly, she emphasized that not every relationship has to be permanent for it to be impactful and how it IS possible to learn something for every person and situation.

When you can’t find Danielle at the office, she’s probably working out, cooking her mom’s Italian or hanging out with the people who inspire her the most! A lover of art, Danielle frequents the Museum of Modern Art and derives motivation from artists like Salvador Dali. She cares deeply for people, has no fear of public speaking (she’s super human, we know) and has goals as big as her 5’1 self. Pride seems like too small of an adjective when describing our sentiments about Danielle’s growth, but it will have to do. You rock, girl and the stars are your limit. Congratulations on this amazing accomplishment and may you continue to light a spark wherever you land!