Give It Up For David: Richard Allen Inc’s Newest Assistant Manager

As Richard Allen Inc fixes to expand to its 4th location, the level of talent we have acquired over the last 2 years has been tremendous! Cue David Koenig, Richard Allen Inc’s newest promoted Assistant Manager, and revered leader in our company’s Management Training Program!  When we say he lives each day as a student, we mean he believes in self-development and treats every day as a learning opportunity. Whether he’s learning from our client, their customers, fellow colleagues or managers, David is the perfect example of humility meeting a hunger to learn. It is no wonder in just a year of him starting with our company, he is receiving his first major promotion to Assistant Management! 🙌🙌🙌

Want the scoop on David and how he did it?! We thought so!

School/Major: Brooklyn College / Broadcast Journalism
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Why did you start with the company, David?

It seemed like a great utilization of my skill set! Coming from a journalism background, I had a love for communications and people. I wanted to exercise and improve that innate ability and my schooling. At the same time, I knew the work would challenge me to grow further every day, which was important for me to minimize stagnation in my career.

What is your favorite part about working with Richard Allen Inc?

Definitely the people. Both the interaction with fellow team members and customers I meet every day during client meetings reminds me how fortunate I am to work with such interesting people.

What 3 things helped you in your development to Assistant Management?!

I think the biggest thing was being able and open to learning from everyone. Second, I was internally competitive and wanted to be my personal best. Third, I set realistic, tangible goals that I knew I could accomplish in the present, not 5 years down the road!

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

I dream of going on a BBQ road trip across America! I BBQ. A lot. That’s kind of my thing.  I find it relaxing and challenging, and even when results are less than perfect it’s still rewarding.  The best part is even though the cooking is a solo effort, the eating requires sharing with a group of people you enjoy!

Who is one of your role models?

Leonard Cohen. He did most of his greatest work after he was forty. He was the epitome of the George Eliot quote “it’s never too late to be what you might have been.”

Do you play any sports and who’s your favorite sports team?!

Bowling and basketball. I also like the NY Giants. Watching games reminds me of my childhood – despite everything that changes as I age, they are the one constant.

Any advice for people looking to start a career at Richard Allen Inc?

Yes! Be hungry to learn and improve. When you learn something, make sure you’ve learned it well enough to explain to someone else. My journalism professor used to always say “if you can’t explain something then you don’t really know it.” I made it a personal mission to be as good of a teacher as I was a Management Trainee, and it seemed to have helped build a strong team who in turn inspires me daily!

Do you have a secret talent?!

After an accident, I had to have a small cadaver bone put in my neck. I  can now sometimes see the spirits of dead people. Unfortunately nobody famous yet. (KIDDING, haha, about the spirits, not the cadaver bone)!

If you could be any famous person in the world who would you be and why?

Bob Dylan. I’m in awe of his talent. I would love to have just a piece of his remarkable insight into life.

Last, where do you dream of helping Richard Allen Inc expand to?!

I’d love to open an office in Los Angeles. I’m ready for my next great adventure 🙂


We’re sure it’s clear after reading this why David is such a special individual and an impressive businessman. His balance of humor, discipline, humility and drive are just a small handful of the reasons he now holds an Assistant Management position! David – congratulations, buddy. Though this is just the first of many promotions, we’re proud of you and grateful to work with someone of your caliber. Here’s to growing together and expanding to California this 2017!