Richard Allen Inc Promotes Newest Assistant Manager, Matt Cohen 👨

2017 has been the biggest year yet for Richard Allen Inc, including a move within Long Island, expansion in White Plains, being named our client’s top performer across the nation for the last 2 quarters — the list goes on. The greatest accomplishments of our year, though, have been the promotions of our people into Assistant Management and Campaign Management roles, a feat our very own New York Connecticutian, Matt Cohen, recently accomplished!

Born and raised in Westchester, Matt grew up athletic and academic – the child of both a successful attorney and speech therapist!  A natural-born communicator, Matt made friends easily and played baseball, football, and soccer between the time he was 4-18. Learning how to be a team player, work hard, and be fueled by competition, Matt went on to use these skill sets within Richard Allen Inc’s Management Training Program.

With a strong interest in academics and an AP/Honor student throughout High School, Matt chose to leave home and attend the College of Charleston in South Carolina (so far, we know!) A massive fan of the city, the seafood, and his school’s intermural softball and football team, Matt made Charleston his home for the next 4 years and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Public Relations & Advertisement. Always knowing he would return to NYC, Matt moved home immediately after graduation and accepted an internship within the industrial real estate field.

When his internship turned into a full-time position, Matt mastered his craft and spent the next 6 years as a real estate broker helping business owners and commercial developers find prime real estate all across New York City. When life called for a change from real estate, Matt spent some time as a paralegal before settling into Yelp!

Though he loved the advertising world and corporate culture of Yelp, Matt wished that the sales he was doing would be face-to-face and allow him to exercise more of his personality. He decided to move to Connecticut to pursue his Masters and find a job that truly fit him; it was there that he fortuitously found Richard Allen Inc online.

Acing his interviews and intrigued by the company’s internal growth opportunities, Matt started with Richard Allen Inc in September of 2016. With an immediate knack for the business-to-business sales, he accelerated into leadership roles within the company, quickly learning how to train and develop new entry level individuals. Over the course of the next 8 months, Matt learned how to work for a different client and marketing/sales campaign, which earned him the opportunity to move into an Assistant Management role within 2/3rds of a year.

When he’s not working, you can find Matt spending time with his significant other, working out, cooking, and spending time with his 2 cats, Romeo and Oscar. He attributes his recent success to never making emotional decisions and taking the advice of others who are in positions you aspire for (shout out to Mike, Maria, Mark and Team Oscar!). Our pride in him is immense, and our expectations for his talent even greater.

Matt – congratulations on this promotion to Assistant Management, buddy, but the best is yet to come. Here’s to helping Richard Allen Inc expanding into its 6th location in the next 3 months! Until then, follow Matt’s progress on Instagram



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