It’s A Promotion Party: Congrats, Mike Bonilla

Promotions at Richard Allen Inc are a big deal to us. An opportunity to recognize hard work, future career opportunities, the company’s growth – what’s not to celebrate, right!? Assistant Management promotions, which are the second to last promotion once can achieve at Richard Allen Inc, are an even BIGGER deal as they represent a massive change in responsibilities and an official welcome to the company’s executive team! Without further ado, it is with great pride that we officially announce the promotion of our newest Assistant Manager, Mike Bonilla!

Born & raised in Brewster, NY, on the border of Connecticut, Mike grew up in a small town with an older sister and two loving parents! An incredibly active and athletic kid, Mike had a dream to play either professional football or basketball. Starting basketball in 3rd grade and football in 5th, Mike was attracted to the team camaraderie and the competition. Even from a young age, he knew he loved to win – a trait that would later aid in his promotion at Richard Allen Inc.

Moving on after high school to SUNY Cortland, Mike continued forth with his football career. When life brought him home the following year and without football to occupy his time, he found himself lacking purpose and drive. Bouncing from job to job, from the construction to the restaurant industry, Mike realized he was constantly outworking his peers with no change to his pay or rank. This wake-up call alone was what led him to Richard Allen Inc.

After submitting his resume online and receiving a call from the Human Resources team, Mike came into his preliminary interview eager and ready to run. He nailed his second interview and landed a full-time job in October of 2016, certain that his competitive drive would make him a natural for sales. Though it was tough to get him out of his comfort zone initially, Mike eased into his Account Management role with sights set on the future!

Embodying an “as if” mentality, Mike treated his career as if every day was game day. He prepped, he studied, he committed, and he knew the end result would be a W! Did we mention in his first 8 months he won an all-expenses paid trip to California and to see the Real Madrid vs. Barcelona game end of July!? It goes without saying with that determination Mike was promoted into Assistant Management during his ninth month in the company.

When he’s not working hard for his goals. Mike loves to watch sports, enjoy the New York night life, and help one of his buddies with his new tech start-up. One of the most business-minded people we’ve ever met, Mike’s goals are to help Richard Allen Inc expand into California, achieve financial freedom so he can move all of his family from Argentina, and own multiple businesses by his 30th birthday.

Mike – CONGRATULATIONS on this amazing accomplishment. We could not be more proud of you, yet we know this is just the first step in many.Β To keep up with Mike’s growth in the company and his next move into a Managing Partner role, follow us on Instagram. To give him well wishes, be sure to leave a comment below!

Shout out to Dave & Ben – the mentors and motivators Mike attributes a big part of his success to!Β 


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