Richard Allen Inc Is Expanding: Big City Bound đźŤŽ

As much as we pride ourselves on our ability to generate our clients new customers on a daily basis, our greatest source of joy at Richard Allen Inc is providing opportunity for our team members to grow as professionals. Whereas the goal in most organizations is to retain quality individuals for decades, ours is to empower and equip team members with the tools that help them and our client expand into new offices and markets. By capitalizing on the entrepreneurial spirit of our people and providing them the opportunity to oversee their own private marketing & sales firm, we ensure long term career satisfaction and growth.

It is with great pride that we announce in 2 weeks current Assistant Manager, David, will be helping the Richard Allen Name expand into the Big Apple – a feat that came after a year of hard work and unwavering commitment. Expanding with 6 others from our White Plains office, David and team will continue to represent our current fiber-optic telecom client, just on a MUCH larger scale in a MUCH larger city! Curious how David got promoted into a Management role and will now be helping oversee a new branch office?! Here’s how:

  1. He Developed Stellar Communication Skills: A journalism major, David came to us a gifted orator and writer. Despite that advantage, he continued to develop his ability to negotiate, persuade, and explain his thoughts – skillsets a true leader needs when communicating to multiple personality types and learning styles. Lesson: Communication is EVERYTHING in business. Work at it daily. 
  2. He Was Always Hungry To Learn: David looked at everyday within his Management Training as an adventure. He believed there was something he could learn from every person and experience and thought of himself as a student rather than the teacher. Despite being in a leadership role at Richard Allen Inc the last 6 months, David remained humble and hungry to learn. Lesson: Pretend like you never left school! 
  3. He Was Internally Competitive: No matter how well David was doing at work, he always believed he could do better. He competed with himself daily, constantly redefining what “great work” was. Much like an athlete, David knew that if he practiced every day he would win. Lesson: Compete with yourself, not others!
  4. He Set Tangible, Realistic Goals: If there’s one thing David was exceptional at, it was setting micro goals that he knew he could accomplish that day or week. Rather than trying to plan his life 5 years out and getting upset that he wasn’t closer to achieving his goals, he focused on current objectives. Upon mastery of those, David began to gain confidence both in his short term and long term aspirations. Lesson: Make your goals smart, realistic, and time sensitive!
  5. He Never Took Himself Too Seriously: Life is so serious, but David always found the humor in it (just ask him about the cadaver bone in his neck – haha)! He reminds us that good energy is contagious and that people want to be around positive influences. He always made sure his work was done and some, but made sure he had fun and made people laugh and smile along the way!

David, we couldn’t be more proud of you here at Richard Allen Inc and all that you’ve accomplished since starting in our White Plains office! As sad as we are to not see you everyday, we know that NYC is lucky to have you and your talents. Thank you for the memories and the laughs, and most importantly for the inspiration. You are a shining example that our Management Training Program offers true, life changing career growth and we can’t wait to see the influence you continue in your new office. CONGRATULATIONS!


It’s A Promotion Party: Congrats, Mike Bonilla

Promotions at Richard Allen Inc are a big deal to us. An opportunity to recognize hard work, future career opportunities, the company’s growth – what’s not to celebrate, right!? Assistant Management promotions, which are the second to last promotion once can achieve at Richard Allen Inc, are an even BIGGER deal as they represent a massive change in responsibilities and an official welcome to the company’s executive team! Without further ado, it is with great pride that we officially announce the promotion of our newest Assistant Manager, Mike Bonilla!

Born & raised in Brewster, NY, on the border of Connecticut, Mike grew up in a small town with an older sister and two loving parents! An incredibly active and athletic kid, Mike had a dream to play either professional football or basketball. Starting basketball in 3rd grade and football in 5th, Mike was attracted to the team camaraderie and the competition. Even from a young age, he knew he loved to win – a trait that would later aid in his promotion at Richard Allen Inc.

Moving on after high school to SUNY Cortland, Mike continued forth with his football career. When life brought him home the following year and without football to occupy his time, he found himself lacking purpose and drive. Bouncing from job to job, from the construction to the restaurant industry, Mike realized he was constantly outworking his peers with no change to his pay or rank. This wake-up call alone was what led him to Richard Allen Inc.

After submitting his resume online and receiving a call from the Human Resources team, Mike came into his preliminary interview eager and ready to run. He nailed his second interview and landed a full-time job in October of 2016, certain that his competitive drive would make him a natural for sales. Though it was tough to get him out of his comfort zone initially, Mike eased into his Account Management role with sights set on the future!

Embodying an “as if” mentality, Mike treated his career as if every day was game day. He prepped, he studied, he committed, and he knew the end result would be a W! Did we mention in his first 8 months he won an all-expenses paid trip to California and to see the Real Madrid vs. Barcelona game end of July!? It goes without saying with that determination Mike was promoted into Assistant Management during his ninth month in the company.

When he’s not working hard for his goals. Mike loves to watch sports, enjoy the New York night life, and help one of his buddies with his new tech start-up. One of the most business-minded people we’ve ever met, Mike’s goals are to help Richard Allen Inc expand into California, achieve financial freedom so he can move all of his family from Argentina, and own multiple businesses by his 30th birthday.

Mike – CONGRATULATIONS on this amazing accomplishment. We could not be more proud of you, yet we know this is just the first step in many. To keep up with Mike’s growth in the company and his next move into a Managing Partner role, follow us on Instagram. To give him well wishes, be sure to leave a comment below!

Shout out to Dave & Ben – the mentors and motivators Mike attributes a big part of his success to! 

Richard Allen Inc Promotes Newest Assistant Manager, Matt Cohen đź‘¨

2017 has been the biggest year yet for Richard Allen Inc, including a move within Long Island, expansion in White Plains, being named our client’s top performer across the nation for the last 2 quarters — the list goes on. The greatest accomplishments of our year, though, have been the promotions of our people into Assistant Management and Campaign Management roles, a feat our very own New York Connecticutian, Matt Cohen, recently accomplished!

Born and raised in Westchester, Matt grew up athletic and academic – the child of both a successful attorney and speech therapist!  A natural-born communicator, Matt made friends easily and played baseball, football, and soccer between the time he was 4-18. Learning how to be a team player, work hard, and be fueled by competition, Matt went on to use these skill sets within Richard Allen Inc’s Management Training Program.

With a strong interest in academics and an AP/Honor student throughout High School, Matt chose to leave home and attend the College of Charleston in South Carolina (so far, we know!) A massive fan of the city, the seafood, and his school’s intermural softball and football team, Matt made Charleston his home for the next 4 years and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Public Relations & Advertisement. Always knowing he would return to NYC, Matt moved home immediately after graduation and accepted an internship within the industrial real estate field.

When his internship turned into a full-time position, Matt mastered his craft and spent the next 6 years as a real estate broker helping business owners and commercial developers find prime real estate all across New York City. When life called for a change from real estate, Matt spent some time as a paralegal before settling into Yelp!

Though he loved the advertising world and corporate culture of Yelp, Matt wished that the sales he was doing would be face-to-face and allow him to exercise more of his personality. He decided to move to Connecticut to pursue his Masters and find a job that truly fit him; it was there that he fortuitously found Richard Allen Inc online.

Acing his interviews and intrigued by the company’s internal growth opportunities, Matt started with Richard Allen Inc in September of 2016. With an immediate knack for the business-to-business sales, he accelerated into leadership roles within the company, quickly learning how to train and develop new entry level individuals. Over the course of the next 8 months, Matt learned how to work for a different client and marketing/sales campaign, which earned him the opportunity to move into an Assistant Management role within 2/3rds of a year.

When he’s not working, you can find Matt spending time with his significant other, working out, cooking, and spending time with his 2 cats, Romeo and Oscar. He attributes his recent success to never making emotional decisions and taking the advice of others who are in positions you aspire for (shout out to Mike, Maria, Mark and Team Oscar!). Our pride in him is immense, and our expectations for his talent even greater.

Matt – congratulations on this promotion to Assistant Management, buddy, but the best is yet to come. Here’s to helping Richard Allen Inc expanding into its 6th location in the next 3 months! Until then, follow Matt’s progress on Instagram. 


Give It Up For David: Richard Allen Inc’s Newest Assistant Manager

As Richard Allen Inc fixes to expand to its 4th location, the level of talent we have acquired over the last 2 years has been tremendous! Cue David Koenig, Richard Allen Inc’s newest promoted Assistant Manager, and revered leader in our company’s Management Training Program!  When we say he lives each day as a student, we mean he believes in self-development and treats every day as a learning opportunity. Whether he’s learning from our client, their customers, fellow colleagues or managers, David is the perfect example of humility meeting a hunger to learn. It is no wonder in just a year of him starting with our company, he is receiving his first major promotion to Assistant Management! 🙌🙌🙌

Want the scoop on David and how he did it?! We thought so!

School/Major: Brooklyn College / Broadcast Journalism
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Why did you start with the company, David?

It seemed like a great utilization of my skill set! Coming from a journalism background, I had a love for communications and people. I wanted to exercise and improve that innate ability and my schooling. At the same time, I knew the work would challenge me to grow further every day, which was important for me to minimize stagnation in my career.

What is your favorite part about working with Richard Allen Inc?

Definitely the people. Both the interaction with fellow team members and customers I meet every day during client meetings reminds me how fortunate I am to work with such interesting people.

What 3 things helped you in your development to Assistant Management?!

I think the biggest thing was being able and open to learning from everyone. Second, I was internally competitive and wanted to be my personal best. Third, I set realistic, tangible goals that I knew I could accomplish in the present, not 5 years down the road!

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

I dream of going on a BBQ road trip across America! I BBQ. A lot. That’s kind of my thing.  I find it relaxing and challenging, and even when results are less than perfect it’s still rewarding.  The best part is even though the cooking is a solo effort, the eating requires sharing with a group of people you enjoy!

Who is one of your role models?

Leonard Cohen. He did most of his greatest work after he was forty. He was the epitome of the George Eliot quote “it’s never too late to be what you might have been.”

Do you play any sports and who’s your favorite sports team?!

Bowling and basketball. I also like the NY Giants. Watching games reminds me of my childhood – despite everything that changes as I age, they are the one constant.

Any advice for people looking to start a career at Richard Allen Inc?

Yes! Be hungry to learn and improve. When you learn something, make sure you’ve learned it well enough to explain to someone else. My journalism professor used to always say “if you can’t explain something then you don’t really know it.” I made it a personal mission to be as good of a teacher as I was a Management Trainee, and it seemed to have helped build a strong team who in turn inspires me daily!

Do you have a secret talent?!

After an accident, I had to have a small cadaver bone put in my neck. I  can now sometimes see the spirits of dead people. Unfortunately nobody famous yet. (KIDDING, haha, about the spirits, not the cadaver bone)!

If you could be any famous person in the world who would you be and why?

Bob Dylan. I’m in awe of his talent. I would love to have just a piece of his remarkable insight into life.

Last, where do you dream of helping Richard Allen Inc expand to?!

I’d love to open an office in Los Angeles. I’m ready for my next great adventure 🙂


We’re sure it’s clear after reading this why David is such a special individual and an impressive businessman. His balance of humor, discipline, humility and drive are just a small handful of the reasons he now holds an Assistant Management position! David – congratulations, buddy. Though this is just the first of many promotions, we’re proud of you and grateful to work with someone of your caliber. Here’s to growing together and expanding to California this 2017!




Strong Third Quarter Performance Nabs Sales Trophy for Richard Allen, Inc.

(WHITE PLAINS, NY) December 1, 2016 – Privately owned marketing and sales firm Richard Allen, Inc., headquartered in New York, announced that they have earned national sales recognition for their exceptional work on behalf of a premier wireless client during Q3 of this year.

The marketing and sales company won the quarterly “Campaign Cup,” a trophy that recognizes outstanding service and results delivered to the client, by outperforming other offices focused on the same campaign during the quarter. The team at Richard Allen, Inc. earned this sales recognition in 2015 as well.

President Benjamin Buchsbaum praised his team for their dedication and strong performance, saying, “We are excited to win this award again for our leading results and excellent quality, and we will continue to bring our best to the table for the client and the customer moving forward.”

Backed by its dual commitment to integrity and profitability, Richard Allen, Inc. is dedicated to providing the client with results-oriented services, public relations, new customer acquisition, and direct marketing. The company focuses on creating long-term, lucrative partnerships with corporate clients while connecting those clients with long-lasting customer relationships.

Richard Allen, Inc. focuses on a national level to expand clients into new markets and create long-term revenue streams. Giving back to the community is also a huge part of the company’s culture, as evidenced by their support of such philanthropies as Operation Smile, The March of Dimes Foundation, and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Like Richard Allen, Inc. on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

 About Richard Allen, Inc.

Headquartered in New York, Richard Allen, Inc. is a leading outsourced sales and marketing firm that focuses on new client acquisition and client retention in partnership with premier companies. Richard Allen, Inc. provides excellent service to the client as well as unique opportunities for its team members to develop professionally and personally and get involved in philanthropy. For more information, call 914-997-1400 or go to

Ambition At It’s Finest: Congrats, Danielle!

Ambition, much like talent and work ethic, can be fleeting. Most have it, but few exercise it. It’s a muscle, and one that must be flexed and fueled daily.

Danielle Mango, though, IS ambition. Born and raised in Yonkers, New York, she’s been a firecracker since birth! Described as a natural born communicator and a people person, Danielle grew up attending private school where she learned the values of discipline and poise. An active member in Student Council, she first began to hone her social and communication skills as a teenager, and continued onwards in leadership roles during college. After deciding to attend Iona for bio-chemistry and pursue the medical field as a doctor, Danielle quickly found her passion laid elsewhere. Her love for history, politics and helping people led to her final major and graduation with a BS in Political Science and Law. Fast-forward what felt like decades of preparing for the LSAT and cue Richard Allen Inc!

As a bartender in White Plains, several managers from Richard Allen Inc would routinely see Danielle when they would stop in for team outings after work. After deciding that her killer personality and infectious smile were qualities they wanted in the company, Long Island Manager, Chris, reached out to Danielle in interest to hire her for a Human Resources role. Much to his surprise, Danielle turned down the Human Resources position because she saw something much more suited for her ambition – Richard Allen Inc’s Management Training Program.

Starting officially in the company in February 2014, Danielle has grown leaps and bounds since her initial role in sales. Though communicating with business owners on behalf of our client came easily to her, she worked diligently on improving aspects such as interviewing and training. Despite hardships, she endured and never lost her spunk or ambition. It’s the reason she was promoted at the beginning of November to a position as a Director of Marketing.

With an offer to help our client oversee a new marketing office in Floral Park, Danielle, along with 4 other Richard Allen Inc team members have expanded South. When asked how she maintained ambition throughout the course of her Management Training, Danielle mentioned how confident she was in what was being built at Richard Allen Inc. She spoke on how she stayed motivated by seeking counsel from mentors Chris, Ben and Marianne (executives within our company), as well as reading daily on Forbes and Most importantly, she emphasized that not every relationship has to be permanent for it to be impactful and how it IS possible to learn something for every person and situation.

When you can’t find Danielle at the office, she’s probably working out, cooking her mom’s Italian or hanging out with the people who inspire her the most! A lover of art, Danielle frequents the Museum of Modern Art and derives motivation from artists like Salvador Dali. She cares deeply for people, has no fear of public speaking (she’s super human, we know) and has goals as big as her 5’1 self. Pride seems like too small of an adjective when describing our sentiments about Danielle’s growth, but it will have to do. You rock, girl and the stars are your limit. Congratulations on this amazing accomplishment and may you continue to light a spark wherever you land!


Richard Allen Inc: An Internship to Remember

At Richard Allen Inc, we all remember what it was like to be in college and have NO earthly idea what we wanted to do after graduation! We remember the summers struggling to look for an internship that didn’t require fetching coffee and donuts for everyone (haha), and the quest to find experiences that would add not only value to our resumes, but also to our careers.


With these memories still fresh in our minds, we made the decision years ago to cultivate two internships, one focused in marketing & sales and the other, human resources & recruitment. This summer 2016, Bentley University student Nicole Storz took advantage of our Long Island office’s HR internship, and her experience was one for the books! We decided to interview her so she could share with the rest of the world what made her internship unforgettable.


Q – Nicole, what objectives did you know you wanted to learn before starting at Richard Allen Inc?
A – Before I started I knew I wanted to gain experience in a business that worked in the marketing field. I wanted to learn how to improve my communication skills, negotiation ability and see behind the scenes how the direct marketing world worked. AdLaughing-Gif.gifditionally, since the position was on the administrative side, I looked forward to learning about what is included in finding people who match the company’s values, and who could potentially be future employees.


Q – What was the top skill you learned or improved?
Through this internship I was able to improve upon my interpersonal skills. My confidence level when talking to a colleague, client or future team member is on another level from when started. I am more sure of myself and speak with more conviction!

Q – What are you going to take back to school this month?
Besides confidence, I think I’m taking back a good dose of humility. Getting my feet wet in the marketing world reminded me how much I still have left to learn and grow as a professional. Though being in the work force this summer helped me to grow considerably, it also made me grateful I still have another year at school to prepare!

Q – What was your favorite memory from the internship?
I can’t choose just one! There were always good vibes in the office which made coming in to work every day a positive experience. My favorite memories include just being in the office with people who are so welcoming and fun.
Q – Final question: what’s the best advice you took from this experience!?
Never giving up is definitely the best advice that I have learned through my experience at Richard Allen Inc. Perseverance is an invaluable skill to have no matter what field you are in. I will be able to carry out this mentality in the future for my career and life in general.

Nicole, though your internship has ended, you will always be one of our team. We can never thank you enough for your commitment to our company this summer, and want to know we’re always here after you graduate and seek full time employment (haha)! Keep up with your killer personality, smile and work ethic, and the world is your oyster!

Californiaaaa, here she comesss!

The biggest question we ever receive from our clients or job candidates is “why Richard Allen Inc?” And our answer is always really simple. “You get to work with Nataly everyday!” Hahah, just kidding, though she is at the top of the list! While we tried to narrow down the benefits of working for our consulting firm into any one experience and found it impossible, we figured we’d let Nataly’s recent trip to Malibu, CA give it a fair shot!

To backtrack, 6 months ago our client decided to run a contest for all of their Human Resource Managers across the country, complete with an all expenses, 3 day weekend in Malibu, CA. From the get go, we knew that our HR Manager, Nataly, was a shoo-in to win, with her competitive nature and relentless work ethic! Racing against 400+ competitors in an 8 week contest, she (naturally) exceeded every expectation set not only by our Richard Allen Inc Management team, but also our client, and secured herself a cross country flight to Southern California. (WOW, we know…she’s kind of a rockstar!)

If there’s one thing that you’ll quickly realize about our Richard Allen Inc team, it’s that we’re relentless when it comes to our personal and professional goals. From the moment the contest was announced, Nataly was already game-planning how she was going to win it! So our Brand Manager, Christina, sat down to interview her, pick her brain on how she beasted the competition and landed herself the ultimate summer vacation!

Christina – Hello, hello Nataly? Is the mic loud enough?!

Nataly – Aren’t you just writing a blog on me? Are we really recording!?

Christina – No, not really! But you’re pretty famous now in the office and having just come back from Cali, you’re like a movie star now right?!

Nataly – …. crickets. (Thinks to herself, “I wonder how much a ticket back to Cali is right now.”)

Christina – Haha, just kidding! Okay, so really Nataly, tell us how did you win this contest and earn this unbelievable trip!

Nataly – I just envisioned the end goal, with myself boarding my flight, getting off the plane in California, enjoying a weekend with peers and mentors and when I could visualize it, I knew I could have it.

Christina – When you heard you won, what was your first reaction?!

Nataly – I may have not so silently screamed, jumped up and down and immediately made a countdown calendar so I could see how close my reward was, haha!

Christina – For the traveling Richard Allen Inc business woman, what are some essentials you like to carry?!

Nataly – A great moisturizer! Make up and beauty products are my passion and when you travel, you always want to look your best and the best way to do that is with healthy, moisturized skin! Secondly, I recommend a great camera! I’m a New Yorker so going cross country to California was so out of my norm – I wanted to photograph EVERYTHING and just soak it all in! Lastly, I recommend a mobile phone charger! With conferences and all the travel we do for work, the worst thing is when your phone dies mid-day! Always be prepared!

Christina – Describe the weekend events that were scheduled for you!

Nataly – First, after arriving, the 13 winners were placed in a Malibu mansion right across the beach, which was INSANE! After getting to know the other attendees from all across the country (even Canada) we went to a famous vineyard called Malibu Wines with our client’s CEO and President (talk about getting wined and dined)! That night we hung out in the mansion’s pool and hot tub (no big deal, haha) and then the following morning went to tour our client broker’s headquarters and meet some key people in the business! We wrapped up the trip in Santa Monica and soaked up the pier, the company and beautiful SoCal for as long as we could. As sad as I was to return to Long Island Sunday, I came back really refreshed and with dozens of new business connections and friends!

Christina – Okay Nataly, last question! If you had to pick just one thing, what was the highlight of your weekend?! 

Nataly – The best part hands down  (besides the million dollar mansion we stayed in, haha) was getting to interact with our client broker’s CEO and President and really seeing how down to earth and humble they each were. They both wanted to hear about my professional goals and what I planned to do the rest of the year in our office and that networking on a casual basis was just surreal! Just knowing overall that my work was valued, appreciated and rewarded made everything worth it!


Nataly, we’re so grateful to you for giving us the E! True Hollywood scoop on your Malibu weekend and are incredibly proud of your recent accomplishments! All the work you put in to ensure this contest win for yourself and for Richard Allen Inc is apparent and applauded. We can’t wait to see what all you accomplish with the last 5 months of the year and what other victories you bring home! Keep up the great work, stud!

Sippin’ for Smiles: A Richard Allen Inc Philanthropy Event

Social Corporate Responsibility. Ever heard the term before?

In essence, what it means is this. Businesses or corporations should take responsibility for their effect on the community and the environment. There is an ethical obligation to take care (with the skill-sets each business has) of those they can aid.

At Richard Allen Inc, this behavior goes without saying. Our team’s compassion and empathy for others is one of the many reasons that make our company unique. 3 years ago we made a commitment to represent an organization called Operation Smile and give back both of our time and fundraising efforts.

For those unfamiliar with Operation Smile, they’re a medical non-profit that performs oral surgeries for children born with cleft lip or palette. Though this condition is not common in America, in 3rd world countries, children can go untreated for decades. Suffering malnutrition and ostracization, their lives are forever impacted by a condition doctors could alter in less than an hour and at a cost of $240.

When we heard about Operation Smile at Richard Allen Inc, we felt a calling. We could speak on behalf of these children and change their entire life with well coordinated fundraising efforts. So we did just that! Participating in an annual “Day of Smiles” we, this year, decided to host a Sips & Smiles event at Whiskey Creek, a local Whiskey bar in White Plains, New York.

The goal was simple! Attract people to the event, speak to them about the cause, raffle off some awesome door prizes and raise a BOATLOAD of money for these kids that have our heart. We’re proud to announce that thanks to several donations from local businesses and our own Richard Allen Inc team, we raised $1000; personally changing the lives of 4 children!

In a business where we communicate for a living, it was simple to educate people on the cause and how they could change the course of someone’s entire life. What should have been difficult was getting the manpower to do the fundraising; asking people to go above their job responsibilities with no direct benefit to themselves. But when you work at Richard Allen Inc, this was the easiest part of it all!

We’d like to give a special thanks to our entire Management team for coordinating, Whiskey Creek for hosting, every team member who spent their Saturday with us Sippin’ for Smiles and every donation that brought us to $1000 raised. Here’s to changing smiles all around the world and raising another $1000 before the end of the year!



Promotions Are In The Air: Congratulations Nagui!

In the 7 years since we founded Richard Allen Inc, we have learned that there are some people who serve a purpose and some people who create purpose. When we met Nagui Semaoune a year ago, as he was going through his interview process, we instantly knew he was the latter. Radiating with confidence and charisma, he was the ideal candidate for our Management Training Program. He moved with purpose, spoke with purpose and had great confidence in what he wanted out of a career. It leaves us with no surprise that in just 9 months of starting with our firm, we’re officially announcing his promotion today to Assistant Management (INSERT LOUD CLAPPING AND CHEERING!!)

Born and raised in Toulouse, France, Nagui grew up from the age of 12 with dreams and aspirations to move to the United States after college. Doing everything possible for over a decade to prepare, he studied at the finest schools, accepted the best internships and perfected his English. Receiving his Bachelor’s from Kedge Business School in Marseille and his Master’s from the same University in Bordeaux, Nagui found he had a passion for traveling and sales after interning for a French bakery in London. Drawn to the face to face interaction with customers, he quickly learned that his love for people and communication skills (did we mention he’s trilingual?!) could be implemented into his career.

After graduating with his MBA, Nagui began looking for careers in Manhattan (his dream city) and stumbled upon the advertisement for Richard Allen Inc’s Management Training Program. Taking a HUGE leap of faith, he flew over from France for a preliminary and second interview, which he thankfully knocked out of the park (haha) and was offered a full time position. Needing sponsorship and to establish his work visa, Nagui went home for 3 months to complete paperwork and say his goodbyes; the whole time bidding when he could return to New York and start his new life!

Beginning officially in October 2015, Nagui began in an entry level position, learning marketing and sales skills essential to acquiring business class customers for our energy client! He then quickly moved into a team lead role, where he improved his business acumen in training, public speaking, interviewing and team building. He has come to coach nearly every individual at Richard Allen Inc, built great relationships and contributed a competitive edge that’s made our office improve as a whole. (Fun fact about Nagui – he LOVES soccer, grew up playing the sport and foots for both France and Real Madrid!)

When we asked Nagui what helped him achieve this promotion in such a short amount of time, he told us that he gave himself no choice but to be successful. In leaving his friends and family in France, the only option he saw was to give New York his all and fulfill the dream he had visualized for the past decade! “When you only have Plan A” Nagui says, “and you leave no back up plan for yourself when setting a goal, you give your mind no choice but to achieve it.”

He also raved about the team he has the opportunity to oversee, applauding them for their relentless work ethic and commitment to our client. He says, “it’s easy to stay motivated and love the work you do when you love the people that you do it with.” Best known as “French Fry” at Richard Allen Inc, Nagui can always be found with coworkers after work exploring the city that never sleeps and eating all sorts of ethnic foods!

To say that we’re proud of Nagui’s accomplishments would be a great understatement. We’re so enthusiastic about his potential and all that he will continue to learn as a Managing Partner within Richard Allen Inc. We predict he will continue to be a leader within our organization and that with his skillset, our company and team will prosper. Nagui – if you’re reading this buddy, we knew you were special from day 1 but want you to know you have exceeded all of our expectations. Your drive, work ethic and perseverance make us wake up everyday excited to work by your side. Keep up your great work and here’s to many more promotions in our years together!